tea report part 1

mad thanks to thomate lad sent me a looot of tea, all packaged so nicely with handwritten labels

i was excited to grab my smol yet chonky teapot and try some of it out!

2012 shu (med fermented)

This one is tagged as “med fermented” and “old-style tea factory”. Brewing instructions are simple enough: rinse first, brew for 20-30 secs, and go on from there.

im vibin with it perhaps im brewing it incorrectly, but it doesnt have much of a strong taste the aftertaste is a bit sandy, but overall feels kinda magical

dong ding

nice roasty taste from the beginning what i love doing is warming up my (cheap ass) clay pot with hot water, emptying it, and putting the tea inside the warmth from the pot really makes the tea smell much more poignant

the taste is really nice, “rocky” in a way after a couple of brews it tastes more fresh, more floral

looking forward to drinking more oolong from this batch

li shan

taiwanese red tea i don't think i've tried this one before

the fragrance is amazing, sweet like honey tastewise it is similar to regular good black tea

i'm pleasantly surprised, never tried a tea like this i wonder if it is any good with milk